Office Renovation & Restoration

Let MJR of Farmington Hills Create a Space that Truly Represents the Your Company with Our Professional Office Renovation Services

Office Restoration and Renovation in Farmington Hills MI - iStock_000068666307_SmallYour office is one of the first impressions a potential client has of you and your business.

Imagine inviting someone into an office that has a modern design, ample natural light and built-in storage. With MJR, your office space can embody the creativity and passion that got you where you are today.

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Office Renovations Can Include:

  • Modern Waiting Rooms
  • Premium Entryways
  • Custom Storage
  • Adding a Gym
  • Building Cubicles
  • Adding a Kitchen
  • Non-Cubicle Workspaces
  • Conference Rooms

Property Guidelines and Leasing Contracts Make Office Renovations Complex.

Our team is experienced in working with businesses and we understand the nuance of a building that is run by a building manager. Our team works with each client to achieve their style goals while designing a functional workspace. Your office needs a renovation team that understands construction and renovation projects, inside and out. For a smooth, stress-free renovation near Farmington Hills, give MJR a call today.

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Before Renovating Your Office, Consider This:

  • Goals: What is the desired outcome of this renovation? Are you looking to create more usable space for your employees to work in? Do you want to improve morale with a new office gym? What does a successful renovation look like to you?
  • Schedule: When do you need the project completed by? Can our team start work while the building is occupied? We clean up every night to minimize disruption.
  • Budget: We work hard to stay within budget and on-time on all of our projects. The first step with any new client is determining the budget.
  • Amenities: What do you need your office space to do for YOU? Do you need storage space built-in to desk areas? Get creative. We do.

From Estimate to Happy Customer, MJR Makes the Process Easy and Efficient.

The experts at MJR will help you to answer each and every one of these questions during your free in-person estimate as we measure your space and discuss desired features. At the same time, we keep you in the loop during the entire process. We handle everything from flooring installation to custom carpentry and countertops.

Create a Functional Workspace That Makes Your Employees Happier & More Effective

Office Restoration and Renovation in Farmington Hills MI - _MG_6581According to numerous industry experts, the look and functionality of your office can have a direct impact on employee productivity. Just like color psychology indicates that different colors make people feel and act in different ways, the layout of your office can either make your workers disgruntled and lazy or happy and productive. Not only will your employees feel inspired to work harder in their newly renovated office, your clients will have a much stronger impression of you and your company as well!

We serve the Metro Detroit area from our Farmington Hills, MI office. We’ve renovated and remodeled homes in West Bloomfield, Novi, Wixom, Milford, Canton, Northville, and the surrounding area.