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2018 Kitchen Design Trends

2018 is officially here and with it brings new designs, trends, and styles. From smart kitchens to streamlined designs, we have 2018’s most sought-after kitchen design trends. 

Smart Kitchens
Technology is here to stay and it’ll only keep getting more high tech. You can now have a kitchen built from the ground up with technology integrated into various aspects of your kitchen. Kitchens are now being equipped with motion sensor faucets, refrigerators that let you know when food is low, programmed coffee makers for when you awake, lighting systems controlled by an app and much more. 

Classic Colors with A Dark Twist 
White and grey kitchens are a homeowner favorite and will continue to be a growing trend in 2018. White and grey cabinets work well when paired with neutral or statement accents and are just as beautiful on their own. Pair these neutral colors with various wood stain colors or paint colors for your own twist. However, a new trend that’s coming up on the horizon are cabinets that are deep and rich in color. These cabinets add an air of elegance and sophistication while adding a subtle bit of dramatic flair. 

Another growing trend is the kitchen becoming more streamline and simple by adding various material and textures to the kitchen. Floor tiles made of natural stone, rough cut wood open shelves and more can add variety and interest while still maintaining simplicity.

Effective Storage 
It’s easy for the kitchen to become a cluttered, chaotic mess. Which is why effective storage solutions are appearing to be the popular go-to for many homeowners. The way that many kitchen cabinets and drawers are designed can leave a lot of wasted space. With that being said, many homeowners are now looking to fix their storage issues within the cabinets. Examples of this are drawer dividers, pull-outs for spices, caddies for kitchenware and more. 

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