Why Marble Isn't a Good Material for Your Kitchen Countertop

Marble is a popular material for countertops because of its elegant appearance, but it's not the most ideal material to use in your kitchen. Why? Below are a few reasons why you shouldn't rush to install a kitchen countertop made out of marble.

Marble Is Porous

Marble is more porous than materials like granite and quartz. That means that liquids, such as oil, juice, and soda would be absorbed into the stone, resulting in stains that can be very difficult to remove. Thick liquids like nail polish and makeup can cause permanent damage, too.

Marble Is Less Durable 

Marble is a fairly fragile stone, and it is more prone to breakage and scratches than granite or quartz. Kitchen items like pots and mugs are capable of chipping off pieces of a marble kitchen countertop, which can result in costly repairs. As a matter of fact, this is one of the reasons why some manufacturers won't provide warranties on marble countertops that are used in kitchens.

Marble Requires More Maintenance

Since marble is so delicate, it needs a lot of upkeep. Marble requires frequent resealing, and daily cleaning with soap and water. This takes up much more time than maintaining granite or quartz countertops, which you only have to do about once every year.

While marble isn’t the best material for your kitchen countertop, it is an excellent material for bathroom countertops, as they don’t get as much use. However, if you’re intent on enjoying the look of marble in your kitchen, you can follow the lead of many homeowners and section off a portion of the counter space for a pastry slab. Marble is ideal for a pastry slab because it stays consistently cool, so if you’re a baking enthusiast who also loves marble, you can still enjoy your favorite stone in your kitchen. 

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