Top 6 Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2014

Top 6 Kitchen Remodeling Trends of 2014 - Michigan Home Renovation Blog | MJR Services - 456878295

1. Walk-In Pantries

With the option to save money by buying in bulk becoming the smart choice for families everywhere, having limited storage space can become an issue.  By incorporating a walk-in pantry into you new kitchen remodeling project you can have all the necessities conveniently located behind closed doors.  This allows you to save cabinet room for everyday items like glassware, dishes, and cooking tools.

2. Entertainment Technology

The recent affordability of high-tech entertainment gadgets allows consumers to include them in every room of the house.  More kitchens are being designed with this in mind, leaving space for wall-mounted TVs, sound systems, and computers. 

3. Going Green

Increased awareness about how our choices can impact the environment has lead to a rise in the popularity of eco-friendly products.  Beautiful countertops and cabinets can be made from recycled materials and modern sinks and appliances can conserve energy and reduce the use of natural resources.

4. Integrated Appliances

Built-in appliances are quickly eliminating the uneven look that used to be standard in kitchens.  Refrigerators, microwaves, and dishwashers can be built into the kitchen design to give it a uniform, sleek look.

5. White Cabinets

2014 has seen a significant rise in the popularity of white cabinetry.  White cabinets give a kitchen a timeless look, while maintaining versatility in architectural styles. White cabinets look right at home with traditional and modern, contemporary styles.  Additionally, white cabinets work with the widest variety of color palettes and décor choices.

6. Non-Traditional Lighting

Layered lighting and sconces are a couple examples of the evolution of kitchen lighting.  Under-cabinet lighting is no longer the go-to choice.  Discover new versatility with adjustable arms and multiple lighting choices, allowing for a bright cooking environment or subtle romantic, dinnertime lighting.

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