Home Remodeling Trends for 2017

We've put together kitchen trends for 2017. Check them out!

Natural Terracotta

Homeowners are planning on making Terracotta a focal point in their home. Terracotta with matte finishes is now seriously considered on walls in bathrooms and around cozy fireplaces instead of other options.

Dark and Peaceful Natural Colors

The natural looks are back in style. Colors such as dark green, add warmth, peace, and contentment to your home. Accessorize these trending colors with natural basics like cork, wood, and cotton linens.

Natural Cork

Cork has become a popular material for floors, adding a new kind of style and solid durability while adding texture and cozy warmth to any room. Not only is cork used on floors, but its popularity is growing in it furniture pieces and walls. Cork also is a good insulator for absorbing sounds! 

Private Nooks

High-tech tools are tiring and will never show a decline. These electronic gadgets demand household occupants to have a private, quiet nook to rest and relax without electronic interference, a place where we throw the Kindle, iPhone, and PC away and grab a great book.

Quiet spaces will embrace items such as relaxing furniture, deep cozy-soft cushions, day beds, sheepskins, subdued lighting, and natural materials such as wool and cotton.

Unity in the Home

Instead of walls that divide the most used rooms like kitchens, living rooms, family rooms, and dining areas, the popularity of an open concept is trending. This open concept seems to bring family members closer in 2017 and is trending as open spaces.

Our high-tech world continues to spin out of control. High technology is making us live life faster, and we are getting tired. It only makes sense to revamp our homes into a new place of security, slow-paced, warmth.

Homeowners want to grab hold of renovation ideas the exemplify peace and tranquility. The quiet serenity of nature is seeping into homes everywhere and it does not look like homeowners will tire of these peaceful trends anytime soon.

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