Home Remodeling Trends for 2015

There is great distinction between design trends and design fads. A trend shows a social tendency, and veers in a new direction.  Fads are short-lived.  And the trends that are paving this year for interior design and home remodeling depict a clean, contemporary look for the future with the use of metals and the desire for a healthy living at the forefront.  If you’re planning to remodel, building a new home, or just curious about the latest and greatest in home design, here’s what you need to know.

Creating a Healthier Living Space

According to the world’s leading platform for home remodeling and design, Houzz.com, nearly half of us remodel to prevent potential health problems.  Because of this it’s easy to see why experts predict this is the next frontier in home renovation.  “Remodelers have a critical role to play in helping people make changes-large and small-to improve their environments,” says Neil Kelly President Tom Kelly.  Manufacturers are responding to this trend by creating products that are sustainable, energy-efficient, and free of toxins and harsh chemicals.

Moving Away From Traditional

Contemporary is making a comeback with a move toward a more minimalist modern design.  Just a few years ago a traditional look such as, raised cabinet doors were all the rage.  Today flat cabinet panels with simplistic handles or no handles at all are in.  Manufacturers are using various innovations to eliminate handles and pulls from appliances, cabinetry, fixtures, and more to adhere to the demand for a sleek, modern look.  Shades and tones of copper are being heavily used in both lighting fixtures and sinks, which is an additional element to the modern theme.

Using Outdoor Spaces as an Extension of Your Home

Homeowners continue to see their outdoor living space as another element of their household environment.  The growth in outdoor living is only becoming more and more prevalent, and one example of this is the rise of open fire features.  Another way people are boosting indoor-outdoor flow is with breezeways, and liveable-screened porches.  Also, an increasing number of building products being used in home renovations that provide a seamless transition between indoors and out, including french doors and sliding glass doors.

To get a better understanding about what trends you may want to incorporate in your remodeling project, contact MJR Services, LLC today!  We are dedicated to making your home’s remodel run smoothly from beginning to end.


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