5 Tips to Make Your Bathroom More Functional

The kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home. After all, we thrive on great meals and a place to prepare them! Having an efficient kitchen makes meal prep easier and lessens the stress of daily life. Here are five quick tips on making the center of your home as functional as possible.

  1. Maximize counter space: Using innovative storage ideas to tuck away appliances that become clutter on your countertops. Fixtures like the 2-tiered carousel or and deep, base cabinets are just a few ways to tuck away large appliances that would otherwise be taking up counter space (we're looking at you, dough mixer and panini maker!)
  2. Remodel with a U-shaped island: Eating smaller meals like a quick breakfast can now take place in the hub of your kitchen, making cleanup a snap and you also get extra storage from more side drawers to boot!
  3. Get creative with organizing spices: Making a great meal involves a harmony of flavors, but often our collection of spices can get out of hand. Try a rotating spice rack or an indented spice organizing insert to sort your spices into a small drawer.
  4. Streamline your Waste/Recycling station: Cooking involves quite a bit of discarded packages. In fact, the kitchen contains the most frequently used trash can and recycling bin in the house, so it is best to make this department streamlined. Invest in a good trash can and several recycling bins that is clearly labeled according to the materials that should go in them.
  5. Get more storage: Whether it is an extra pantry, an island on wheels, a drink cart, vertical wall storage for pots and pans, wall shelves, or a kitchen backsplash- make sure you are optimizing your storage potential.

If you're looking for a professional home remodeling company or a renovation contractor to discuss your kitchen's functionality, contact the experts at MJR Services today!

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