3 Things to Consider Before Beginning a Basement Renovation

One way to increase living space and home value is to finish a basement. Finished basements are desirable because they immediately add comfort and usable space to your home and are a factor considered by buyers when looking to purchase your home. There are countless benefits associated with renovating a basement, however it is wise for homeowners to consider the following factors before diving in head first.

1. Functionality - Homeowners should ask themselves what functions or features are needed, or sometimes wanted, in the renovated basement. For some, an entertainment area is key, while others want a beautiful area for children to play. 

2. Space - How will the space be utilized? If the goal is to purchase oversized furniture and a pool table, does the home structure allow for the necessary space? Sometimes homeowners have dreams of a pool table or spa in their finished basement and are quickly discouraged to learn that without major renovation to the upstairs, there is no way to get the large items down stairs. 

3. Value - Homeowners should always consider how the renovation will impact the value of the home. In general, a finished basement will add value to the home, however if you live in an area where people purchase homes, tear them down, and build their dream home, then perhaps a finished basement would not add value to your home. 

Renovated basements are wonderful places to entertain and make great play areas for children. Homeowners should consider their needs and wants relative to the existing space and research homes in their community to determine if a renovated basement adds value. For some, value is not as important as functionality. In any event, when selecting a home remodeling company to renovate your basement, look no further than MJR Services to bring your vision to life with exceptional quality. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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